Dear Loyal Wenaewe Supporters

We thank you for your ongoing support of Wenaewe Organic pet foods. We greatly value the opinions of our customers and we sincerely want to serve them with a product that they are proud of. After accumulating comments and suggestions from distributors, retailer and consumers across the country we have decided to make a few changes and upgrades to our products.

We will be revising the formulas to include a grain free and higher protein option, as well as new packaging with a re-sealable top. Our ingredients will still remain USDA Certified Organic and will continue to be grown on our own farms. We will not waver in regards to our charitable support and will remain stewards of the earth by advancing causes we believe in such as sustainable organic farming.

Your feedback is always appreciated and please continue to look on our website for updates on the 2014 re-launch.

Best Regards,

Wenaewe USA

Wenaewe Products

Puppy 3.3lbs or 15lbs
Adult 3.3lbs, 15lbs, or 30lbs
Vegetarian 3.3lbs or 30lbs
More Products Coming soon

100% Organic Ingredients

Our Ingredients List

Both our ingredients and our production facilities are
certified organic by the USDA and OIA.

No harmful additives

As important as the excellent combination of ingredients included in Wenaewe are the
ingredients we have left out of our diet.

Environmentally Friendly

Wenaewe's ingredients are produced without using
pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

Organic Certified Facilities

Erro company is the owner of the Wenaewe brand and
controls production from start to finish.
  • Our raw materials
  • Advanced quality control labratory
  • Certified USDA and OIA Organic

No corn, dairy products, soy, artificial flavors, wheat, chemical preservatives, by-products, or genetically modified products are added to our products. All of them are known to cause a variety of conditions among the canine population.

  • Organic raw Ingredients
  • Pesticide, herbicide, and
    synthetic fertilizer free fields
  • Global animal partnership
  • Environment friendly shipping

From the harvesting of seeds, to development of crops through the harvest, storage, transport, processing and bagging. Wenaewe is even shipped in Erro trucks where it is placed onto a vessel for exportation.


  • “Being aware of organic prouducts,I was thrilled to see a vegetarian product as meat is always a concern. My 3 dogs love this product. A mini dach,a bassett hound, and a 14 year old schnauzer . I am placing an order for more.”

  • “I just love the fact that the phitochemicals don't get destroyed by the pesticides and my pet can enjoy all the antioxidants that come naturally with organic foods. Besides, it's the only organic food made with grass fed beef. You can not ask for more and Mandy loves it!”